There are many who have come to realize that they have special healing and psychic gifts, yet are unclear how to bring these gifts into the world.

I am offering an on-going group for those who want to explore ways to bring form to their dreams and talents. Through shamanic journeying, the members of the group will explore previous lifetimes as healers in order to tap into knowledge that is already stored in the cellular memory. We will meet helpers and guides, learn shamanic techniques, and explore various healing modalities.

The group normally meets every two weeks starting in September for two and a half hours on Wednesdays in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The fee for the group is $75 per session. The group will run from September through June. Contact Ann to discuss the schedule during COVID.

Date: Every 2 weeks on Wednesdays starting Jan. 2016
Time: tbd
Location: Gloucester, MA
Fee: $70 per session
Contact: Ann Drake at 978-281-4269