Renewing Our Sacred Contract with the Earth

   As we watch the seas rise, our riverbanks overflow in one area while there is severe drought in another. Wild and extreme weather now persist throughout the world and, most scientist agree that we are in a climate crisis.  While politicians debate whether climate change exists and whether human activity is contributing to this crisis, there is something that we can do to bring our energy in alignment with the earth.

  For eons those who walked this earth realized the special relationships that humans had with the earth and, all the creature that lived upon the land and within the seas.  There were ceremonies to bring forth the rain so crops could thrive, blessings to the sun for the warmth and light it provides and to the moon for illuminating our way in the dark. There were those who listened to the wind for its messages, teachings and forewarning of dangers a-foot.  When the First Nations people inhabited all of North America, they talked with the elements.  They asked a tree permission before cutting it down, gave a blessing for any animal that they killed to honor it for their gift, and used all that the animal had to offer so as not to belittle the sacrifice that had been made.  There was an awareness that one could speak to animals, plants, and the elements with one’s mind, and if one was quiet, they could hear the teachings and the needs of all the beings with whom we live in such an interdependent manner.

   As the white men spread their influence throughout the world, they began to see the earth as a treasure trove of resources that could be seized for great profit and benefit, ignoring the sacred trust that humans had had with the planet. Humans began to see themselves as superior to the earth, the elements and all of the creatures with whom we share the planet.  Through our greed and disrespect we have violated this sacred trust; it is time to renew our sacred contract with the earth. 

   It is not too late to re-establish our love, respect and care towards all with whom we share the planet.  With our minds, we may talk to the plants and animals that feed us, thanking them for their sacrifice so that we may flourish. We can perform ceremonies to honor the elements and thank them for the many ways that they sustain and nurture us.  We can offer gratitude for the beauty of this planet and the healing and grounding energy that allows us to love and open our hearts to all that is.   We can ask the earth to tell us what is needed to re-establish a synergistic balance.  If we are quiet and patient, we can hear the response. In doing so, we remind ourselves that we live in connection with the elements and other beings rather than as the dominator of them.