Shamanism, the oldest form of healing on the planet, dates back 60,000 years. It involves working with spirit guides and power animals to help us reach other levels of knowing and receiving information. Each of us can learn to journey. Through shamanic journeying to other dimensions, we can get in touch with our intuitive wisdom and find answers to questions for friends, family, and ourselves and for the planet and community at large.

Shamanism understands that we have an energy as well as a physical body. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual distress comes from loss of part of our soul essence or energy body and the intrusions of other energies into the void left by soul part loss. Traumatic occurrences often result in soul loss. Shamanic practitioners travel with their guides and power animals to retrieve parts of the soul or energy body that may be lost and remove unwanted intrusions that may be within the energy body.

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