Change: One Way or the Other


Given the astrological planetary alignment that has pushed us towards change, it is not surprising that although more than a million and a half people voted for Hillary than Donald Trump, the Electoral College will usher in the candidate that promised to “drain the swamp,” shake up the government, and bring relief and support to the common man.  At first glance, it appears that Trump may be further polluting the swamp, but for now I will withhold judgment on this.

Many were stunned and terrified by the election of Donald Trump, but take heart as the change that is so desperately desired may actually be accelerated and actualized by his election.  The planetary shift that is occurring is to bring us to a more heart-centered world in which there is greater understanding and compassion for one another, a greater acceptance of our differences, and a stronger sense of community and belonging.  If Trump attempts to push through policies and programs that divide the American people and engender hate, distrust, and bigotry while ensuring that the economic elite benefit from his presidency – not the masses who supported him – a grass roots movement will emerge to counter these policies and there will be more than “professional protesters” in the street.  Already people are gathering to shift the vile rhetoric of the election and to reach out to those who may differ from them politically to build bridges and foster understanding.  The economic interest of the poor, working class, and middle class are similar.  For years there have been attempts to disrupt this block of voters by dividing people by race, ethnicity, and gender, a tactic that Trump perfected in his campaign.  Perhaps Trump will usher in policies that benefit the poor and working class and bring about economic equality and an end of benefits for the rich. But if he does not, it will be even more apparent that the change we need must arise from the grass roots up, not from the top down.