We are in the midst of a powerful period of transformation on the planet. It began in 1987 with the Harmonic Conversion and is currently at the apex of its power. The planetary astrological alignments are similar to the time of the birth of Christ. This energetic jolt has been intensified through numerous solar and lunar eclipses as we surge towards a more heart centered, community based consciousness. Some embrace the energetic intensity and ride it like a large wave. Creativity flows through them as new possibilities for creating the life and world they want feels limitless. Others stand frozen like a deer in headlights, feeling bombarded by the stream of unfamiliar energies, unable to act or find their ground. Still others are deeply disturbed by the energies swirling around them and become destabilized, off balance, and irritable, longing for a time when things were easy and simple.
These wild energies are dramatically reflected in the 2016 race for the presidency as folks strive to find an outer container for the inner tumult they are experiencing. Those who embrace the expansive energy of creating the world they want have flocked to the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. This is especially true for the millennials who hold the future in their hands. For eons the creative potential for change has rested in the hands of the young; fortunately they are aided in their quest with a powerful energetic and astrological alignment for transformation. The establishment wing of the Democratic Party, led by Hillary Clinton, initially sought to hold the middle ground by stressing competency and experience over creativity and change. As the energy around Sanders’s call for a political revolution surged, Clinton began to don some of Sanders’s well established policies that she had earlier chided as being unrealistic. However she still has not been able to capture and convey the positive energy of change. The energetic weight of her ties to establishment policies, her hawkish foreign policy positions and her ties to big money dulls the positive energy of Clinton being the first female president. Her appeal tends to rest with those who are also trying to find their ground in the midst of the powerful energies that are upending their lives; they yearn for predictability, for the known.
For over seven years the Republicans have made it their sole platform to block President Obama’s agenda. Having ground the government to a halt through their obstruction, they felt emboldened by the support of special interests and big money that aspire to maintain their privilege and the status quo. Wanting nothing to do with a platform of “just do nothing”, the Republican electorate rapidly dispatched the establishment candidates. As many ponder the power of Trump’s unorthodox candidacy and his ability to say or do anything that would have destroyed a candidate in previous presidential campaigns, the explanation may lie in the energetic dimension.
Although President Obama is the first president since Dwight Eisenhower to have won the majority of the popular vote not once but twice, the Republicans repeatedly refer to his presidency as illegitimate, which appears to be a veiled comment on his race. Many who have felt disenfranchised from the American dream look for a place to assign blame and have found it in people of color and immigrants. The collective frustration and anger of many may have found a voice in Trump who has thrown political correctness out the window and speaks out loud what the Republican establishment has seeded into the collective unconscious of its followers. Trump does not seem to care about policy or facts, but adeptly reads the energy of his audiences and gives them what they want. Trump, like Sanders, creates an aura of authenticity that is a welcome relief to some after decades of carefully crafted talking points that seem devoid of actionable results. It appears that Trump is appealing to those who long for a return to the fifties when America was admired for being the strongest nation on the planet, there was ample economic opportunity and women and minorities knew their place. Many are drawn to the energy he creates as he promises to take care of them and make them great, but they appear to care less about what he actually says.
The establishment wings of both parties do not seem to understand the energetic power of both Sanders and Trump. In the past, crafting the right message and putting vast amounts of money into the promotion of that message were how things were done. Sanders has a clear well-honed message that has been part of his basic philosophy for over fifty years. He raises money from those who believe in and identify with his message and give to a movement that resonates with their hearts and minds. Trump does not need money from special interests and is free to say whatever he wants. His chaotic, contradictory and startling rhetoric matches the internal state of those who have been destabilized by the frenzied energies swirling about them.
At the onset of the energetic shift on the planet, those who are drawn to understanding and working with energy pondered the arc that these transformational energies might take. Will the Age of Aquarius shepherd in an era of peace, love and respect for all? Will it be countered by those economic entities that control the world economy and squash this momentum by bringing more restriction, oppression and economic inequality to the world? It is no coincidence that the rise of ISIS and the push by the Republicans to take control of women’s bodies are such forces now. The new transformational energies are much more feminine and heart centered. Thus it follows that those who are threatened by this energy for change strive to repress and thwart women. It is bound to be a wild ride, but the energetic power of this transformation is strong and the yearning of the masses to live in peace is profound. It is hard to predict what will happen in the next seven months in the political arena. Will the establishment wing of both parties adjust and prevail in the end or will the momentum for a political revolution of the people and for the people sweep throughout the land? Or will we take Mr. Toad’s wild ride with Trump crashing into one thing after another as we go off the road?