Often I am asked if I am willing to have someone apprentice with me. In response to this request, I am willing to set up individually designed training programs for those who feel called to the shamanic path. It is important that you be familiar with shamanic journeying and have a working relationship with your spirit guides and power animals. Of course both of us would need to consult with our guides to see if we are a good fit to work together.

I focus my work by looking at the interplay between the complicated psychic structures of the western mind, the energy body and the various realms of non-ordinary reality where a multitude of guides and teachers reside. It is my core belief that many of us have chosen to incarnate at this very challenging time on the planet to bring forth the healing practices and wisdom that are known to us through previous lifetimes. Thus a focus of the work will be on helping you to connect with these lifetimes and to learn ways to bring these teachings through. Your main teachers are your spirit guides, power animals, and ancestors; thus forming a strong working alliance with these energies are an important part of the training.

Topics that could be covered are energy work, soul retrieval and extraction work, depossession, psycho pomp, past life shamanic work, energy clearing, and work with karmic and ancestral imprints.

The fee for this training will be based on an hourly rate of $120–$160 an hour. For those who live out of state, part of the meetings can be in person and part of the phone. I also do an on-going shamanic training program that meets every other week for 2 hours and works well for those who are local. Please see the workshop listing for more information on this program.

Location: Gloucester,MA
Fee: $120–170 per hour
Contact: Ann Drake at 978-281-4269