Ann’s work is guided by spiritual energy and integrates the best of ancient and modern, conventional and alternative healing traditions.

Ann is available to do healing work for individuals, families, communities, and places. Her healing work includes spirit guide and power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction, vibrational energy work, shamanic journeying, and depossession. A focus of the work is to identify unwanted energies that may be either stuck or trapped within the energy field, to remove these energies so that missing aspects of the soul’s essence can be brought back. The integration of soul parts in the field is done with the help of power animals and spirit guides and with a clear intention for transformation. The creation of rituals to honor the soul parts and guides is an essential aspect of the healing process. Ann works with clients in person, or through telephone, zoom or Skype consultations, and has a sliding scale of $140–$180 an hour.

Her private office is located in Gloucester, MA at 102 Dennison St. You may call 978-281-4269 or email Ann with questions, to schedule an appointment, inquire about individual apprenticeship programs or to be placed on her email list.

You May Also Contact

Since my schedule is often booked for several months into the future, you may also contact others whom I have trained that do similar Energy Work. I recommend (in alphabetical order):

Marissa Joy Bethoney is an herbalist and shamanic practitioner devoted to skillful travel between the realms, working with spirit and nature to offer healing, compassionate guidance, and custom botanical “potion divinations.” She has studied plant medicine, shamanism, and other healing arts for over eight years and weaves together an array of spiritual motifs to support the beauty, joy, and vitality of the soul. Marissa is in Boxford, MA, email: 

Josie Bray works both with your physical body and your energy body to help restore stability and health. She combines her training in bodywork, anatomy, functional health, and transforming trauma symptoms with her Shamanic Practices. She is a student of Ann Drake, Kevin Courtney (Taoist thought, yoga, meditation, and Shamanic practice from Thailand, India, and China), and takes influence from Sandra Ingerman and Daniel Foor. Josie works with clients virtually and in Lowell, MA. Email her at, visit her website at, or call Josie at 617-767-3676.

Denise Carver is a shamanic practitioner in Watertown, Massachusetts. Although a licensed psychologist, her practice is informed by the energetic healing work that she has been practicing for over 20 years. Shamanic work with the tarot cards as well as reiki and mediumship continue to be the essence of her work. Family, adolescent issues and trauma are often stored in the body.  Energy work can be essential for releasing blockages. Consultations are available as well as a sliding scale for treatment. Contact: or 617-610-1670.

Stephanie Cloutman is a shamanic practitioner with a background as an RN, yoga teacher, and medium. Stephanie works with clients with many different life challenges and life questions to support healing and personal growth. She has an interest in how soul retrieval, ancestral healing, and unraveling that which keeps us stuck can lead to feeling more at home in the body. Stephanie enjoys teaching clients to journey, working with those who identify with the archetype of the healer and supporting the birthing process from a shamanic perspective. Learn more or schedule a free 15 minute consultation call at

For over 20 years Michael D. Cooper has collaborated with Ann Drake on numerous projects related to Shamanism. It has been an HONOR. Today, Michael works with Afro-Brazilian, Peruvian, Tibetan, and other Lineages.  Sound, Movement, Non-Dual Philosophic Inquiry, and Energy Medicine Invocations are essential to Michael’s Heart Song Healing Path. You are invited to make contact: Michael lives in Ithaca, NY.

Lisa M. Crowley, Intuitive Healing—There comes a moment in our lives when the patterns that have allowed us to survive, no longer serve our desire for growth and expansion.  We begin to feel stuck, depressed, anxious, and unable to meet our lives with full presence—bogged down by the weight of our thoughts and emotions. Weaving together Shamanism, Ancestral Healing, Mediumship, Reiki, and Eastern Philosophies we will embark on a healing path.  One that is committed to transforming, identifying, and shifting patterns,  empowering you, and inviting the “soul” home to the body.  Lisa is available for both virtual and in-person healing sessions in Chelmsford, MA. Contact her at or visit

Kathy Dias is a deeply compassionate Healer who works to support her clients through the lens of Shamanic Healing, Rescue Mediumship, Zero Balancing, and Structural Integration to release stuck or unwanted energies and loss of self and restrictions—physical-emotional or spiritual.  She began her path as a Healer in 1992 and has had the great pleasure of working with and training with other Practioners like Ann Drake, Tom Myers, Amy Major, Emily Conrad and Fritz Smith. Kathy’s practice is in Modesto, California, and she is also available by Facetime and Zoom. Call or text her at 209-985-6967.           

Clara Diebold is a shamanic practitioner and energy worker with training in the traditions of Borneo, Peru, and Japan. Her sessions combine a variety of methods in order to meet the client’s unique needs. All sessions are currently virtual. Clara can be contacted through her website:

Kara Lam approaches shamanic healing through the lens of a psychic medium. She communicates with spirit guides, guardian angels and loved ones on the other side using skills derived from the Spiritualist tradition of evidential mediumship.  Kara utilizes methods of healing created by Barbara Brennan combined with Japanese Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and Tibetan Raku Kei Reiki. She also teaches Reiki seminars as a master teacher and has been studying Reiki for 18 years.  Kara is based in Marshfield, MA can be contacted at or via her website

Kristen Miller is a shamanic practitioner and certified sound healer who has studied and practiced for 12 years. She works compassionately to help clients let go of blockages and stuck energies while helping them return to a natural state of wholeness. Kristen is available in person at a dedicated healing sanctuary in Amesbury, MA, and virtually over Zoom. Call 978-270-8705, or email

Susan Ravagni has been a shamanic practitioner for over 5 years.  Her focus is on healing from difficult past experiences, assistance with finding and navigating one’s path or purpose, and ceremonial blessing of a life event or a physical space.  She has studied and been initiated in shamanism under Ann Drake as well as several western mystery schools, yoga, and meditation.  Her other offerings include individual and group sound healing as well as body work releases. She can be reached at

Michelle Smith, LICSW has studied Shamanism with Ann Drake, Ginny Elsenhans, Sandra Ingerman, and others.  She pairs shamanic work with traditional talk therapy. Her office is located in Plympton, MA. She offers in-office and telehealth appointments. Michelle can be reached at

Suzanne Sweeney is a certified holistic lifestyle coach, tai chi & qigong instructor, reiki okuden, and shamanic practitioner trained and initiated by Ann Drake. Suzanne’s compassionate, grounded approach to holistic healing, connection with nature, and kind heart allow her to connect with each client in a unique and personal way. Suzanne is located in Gloucester, MA, and offers in-person and virtual workshops, classes, and one-on-one sessions. To learn more about Suzanne and her offerings please visit email