The underbelly of our political system has been exposed, which affords us a remarkable opportunity for change.  We are in the midst of a huge transformation on the planet towards a more heart-centered, community-based consciousness.  The astrological energetic shift began in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence and is currently at the apex of its power.  In order for real change to ensue, there must be a radical re-ordering of how we elect those who govern us and what governing entails. Recently the extent to which our political system is not working has been made apparent to all.

The racist, misogynist predilections of the Republican Party found a spokesman for these tendencies in Donald Trump.  Through the vulgarity of his speech and insults, many Republicans have been forced to denounce the man who has given voice to the crux of their principles.  Policies that include, among many things, voter suppression of minorities and the myopic effort to take control of women’s bodies.  The well-known – but rarely articulated – policy from both major parties of pay to play was brought to light through Bernie Sanders’ candidacy and underlined through Clinton’s hacked email in which she stated that she has both public and private positions.  Translated this means that “I will tell the donors one thing and the public another in order to both raise money and simultaneously attract the votes of the masses”.  Almost each election cycle there are leaked tapes from each party that exposes this dynamic such as Romney’s 47% statement and Obama’s guns and religion assertion.  Proof of pay-to-play is illuminated in the gross inequality in our tax system. Through a variety of tax loopholes, Trump is excused from paying federal taxes for years, despite allegedly making billions.  As Trump stated, “It makes me a genius that I don’t pay taxes”.  We all know that the tax code is tilted toward the rich, yet year after year we elect candidates that promise to change this, but who do not. After an exhausting and embarrassing two year presidential election cycle, we are left with the two most disliked candidates in political history. This debacle shines a spotlight on a political system that essentially works for the oligarchy and not for the vast majority of Americans.

As the shift to a new consciousness emerges, that which needs to be changed is brought to light in dramatic fashion so that true transformation can occur.  Many are despairing the state of our political system.  There are those in power or seeking power whose greed causes them to make choices that do not honor or protect the planet.  There are those that disparage women, ethnic and cultural minorities as well as the disenfranchised.  Take heed, though: if we band together to stand up against a system that serves the oligarchy, then the people can prevail to create a system that is fair to all and fosters a climate of respect and empowerment for each citizen.  It is not too late to manifest the country we want and deserve.