Ann’s work is guided by spiritual energy and integrates the best of ancient and modern, conventional and alternative healing traditions.

In addition to workshops, training and courses, Ann is available to do healing work for individuals, families, communities, and places.
Her healing work includes spirit guide and power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction, vibrational energy work, shamanic journeying, and depossession. A focus of the work is to identify unwanted energies that may be either stuck or trapped within the energy field, to remove these energies so that missing aspects of the soul’s essence can be brought back. The integration of soul parts in the field is done with the help of power animals and spirit guides and with a clear intention for transformation. The creation of rituals to honor the soul parts and guides is an essential aspect of the healing process. Ann works with clients in person,  or through telephone or Skype consultations, and has a sliding scale of $130–$170 an hour.

Her private office is located in Gloucester, MA at 102 Dennison St. You may call 978-281-4269 or email Ann with questions, to schedule an appointment, inquire about workshops/training, or to be placed on her email list.